About Us


            My name is Shericka Seymour and I am the Founder of Afroluminous Blends. This journey first started out as something that I needed to do for myself when it came to taking care of my natural hair. But quickly became something more than that as I watch my hair flourish and continue to improve tremendously . I  first return natural the year of 2015 because I was curious about my natural curl pattern.  It was a while before I understood the importance of knowing my roots and that meant stripping myself of everything that was not originally me.   Eventually, as the years went by ,my interest for creating homemade products was that of something more than a hobby and quickly became my passion. I  created this brand because I wanted to share the same  products that I use to take care of my hair with you. They have help my hair in more than one way and I look forward to watching it helps you. All products have been tested out and tried on many  ethnic hair types and the outcome regardless of differences have always remain positive.