What should a good hair regimen consist of?

Now that we have already establish the importance of having a good hair routine.You are probably wondering where do I start.First thing first, you need to ask yourself what do my hair mostly need?Everyone hair needs are unique to them.But the basics of a good hair routine should consist of pre-poo ,shampoo ,conditioner ,deep conditioning ,and the LOC or LCO Method.

Pre-poo: A process that involves applying a protective layer to your hair before shampooing. This will prevent your hair from losing complete moisture after shampooing.

Shampoo:  Away to remove build up and cleanse your hair  by removing dirt . A essential component that helps with keeping your scalp and hair clean.

 Conditioner: The third step to  hair washing. A way to  reintroduce oils  back into your hair by getting rid of that  dry  and dull feel after shampooing.

 Deep conditioner: A process that involves treating your hair and moisturizing it with a more penetrative conditioner that can easily observe into your hair cuticles. 

LOC OR LCO:Two techniques used to keep moisturizer for a good amount of time.

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